About Robin Bela

I am Robin Bela and I am originally from India. I’m an Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach & Purpose Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Medicine/ Reiki Therapist in Edinburgh, UK. I work with clients via distance as well. I have authored a published book 'Break The Pattern: Connecting To The Power Within To Create The Life You Want'. I have been offering coaching and holistic programmes to individuals and groups worldwide for about 14 years.
I came to the UK in 2003 in my early twenties. I have done my Masters in Business Administration from UK. I have experienced several personal changes including moving from corporate advertising field to holistic business. My transformation started with my knee injury when I couldn’t walk properly for a year. It moved me towards learning energy and healing therapies, and soon I wanted to share this knowledge/skills with everyone professionally, and I did.
I was offering holistic energy healing/Reiki/intuitive programmes and coaching in the earlier years. My personal life changes also included losing 3 stones of weight after getting divorced in 2011. My personal changeover inspired me to write the transformational book ‘Break The Pattern..’ which was initially a highly successful 30-Day e-course.
I offer Life coaching now to support people to break from old patterns and make the changes they want. I assist people in healing emotionally and physically through energy therapy and coaching. I help people to move forward in their lives. I am very intuitive and work with Guides and Angels too. At times my sessions are filled with spontaneous channelled meditation for clients or with some messages. I always endeavour to give my clients clear direction and I help them to be inspired to create the change that they want and need.
I have practiced and taught energy healing for about 14 years. Though I have stopped teaching Reiki/energy healing courses now as I am creating my own innovative/intuitive work, my energy healing is powerful and imparts healing even during life coaching sessions. I still do offer 1-1 energy healing sessions in person and through distance too. I am always surprised and grateful for what God and the divine forces offer through me to my clients. My energy healing power is of a high order as I have been a long time consistent practitioner. It has helped me connect to God very deeply, which has made me create a powerful programme for my clients.
My deep spiritual connection helps me to offer profound answers, healing and energy support. My new Online Programme is called ‘Miracles With The Divine’, which is free for the first month to check out, where you would find my deepest work to create change, healing, manifestations with God’s Divine energy with me there.
I also support coaches and therapists for living their purpose to their highest potential and help them to grow their work. I love to see people following their hearts’ desires and doing what they are meant to do. If you are one of those looking for direction and support, please do not hesitate to message me from the contact page on this website.
And about me, I like simplicity in daily life but on the other hand, I also am not afraid to commit to the work I am here to share. I am passionate about my work in supporting people for their healing, change and growth.
I have worked with people from many countries in person, during seminars, group programmes and over the Internet. I believe change is possible, if one is willing to say yes and accept the support that is inspiring one.

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