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Robin Bela is an Author, Speaker, Success Mindset and Manifestation Coach for businesses, Spiritual Mentor, Transformational Teacher and Energy Therapist. Robin is from India and came to the UK in 2003. She has been offering her services for the last 15 years. She is the Author of ‘Break The Pattern: Connecting To The Power Within To Create The Life You Want’ & Co-Authored her upcoming book ‘The Successful Mind: Tools To Living A Purposeful & Productive Life’.
Robin is an MBA graduate and was in the corporate field of marketing and advertising for about 5 years before starting her own practice. Her journey into this field began as an energy healer when she healed her own knee injury in 2005. From there she knew her path was to help people heal and transform their lives. And soon Robin was helping others improve the way they thought and felt about themselves, and helped them manifest their desires. And this is not just in personal lives but Robin shows Entrepreneurs to manifest their success in businesses too.
Today Robin has helped thousands personally and professionally come out of very difficult situations where they seemed stuck, and felt had no solution. 
Some years ago Robin deeply connected to God through an experience, and from then her work for manifestation and miracles began, as she was able to tap into the higher energy support for herself and her clients. Robin helps you to learn to be in the right mind-set and energy to manifest success.
Robin has a Programme called, ‘Divine Success Manifestation Accelerator, which is designed to help Entrepreneurs to create their success by connecting to their Spiritual Success Mindset. And she also has free online seminars called Miracles With The Divine.
Robin has a lot of wisdom to share, and I see her as a bridge between the East and the West.
Deborah KingHay House Author, New York Times best-selling author of 'Be Your Own Shaman' and 'Truth Heals'.
Some of Robin’s Client’s Reviews:
“Very few walking on this planet have the ability to transmit this type of healing force like Robin is able to. Robin’s faith and connection always comes through in her talks, meditations and prayers. I know I am shifting to a real high vibration, but sometimes can't get out of the Ego mindset. I've been studying the Law of Attraction, but without a real change in thoughts and feelings, I had hit the ceiling. I have been impressed with Robin’s ability to help me find peace in a way that had been eluding me. I have been learning to empty my mind of worries and connect to God through her Programme. She has a very calming voice and energy. Her presentations are insightful and are truly Divine! Thank you for being part of my path.”
David Riddle (US) LinkedIn Review - (Akashic Energy Worker, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer) chibalancingcenter.com
“Robin is a great personal and business coach! She is very dedicated to her work and shows great integrity. She is extremely knowledgeable and has lots of things to share with the world. I would highly recommend Robin to anyone who wants to see results! I enjoyed every second of working with Robin. I learnt things about me and discovered more of me. There is something special about Robin that makes me be 200% true to myself and to the work we do together. With Robin I cannot lie, even to myself, it is impossible. That Journey with Robin has been enlightening with the knowing of my truth. In the programme with Robin, I sat and thought, wrote, talked with the deep feelings and soon I was starting a new adventure. Different doors started opening for me in life. My life started taking a curve towards peace, happiness and self-love. Robin gave me all the keys I needed to start that journey toward my real, my true, authentic self. She guided me towards who I really am. Thank you so much.”
Lucile Christopher - Travel writer & Consultant, Paris.
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