Manifesting Miracles with the Divine with Robin Bela

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Miracles With The Divine Programme has been running since 2018 to help bring manifestations for success, peace and happiness in everyone’s life through attaining spiritual well-being. To manifest success, a certain level of inner attainment of peace with self, life and faith in a happy future when facing uncertainty is essential.
Life doesn't have to be about struggles, pain, scarcity and anxiety. A new way of being is here, to be in the flow of miracles and joy in each moment of life.
Success, joy, abundance and peace are possible to achieve. I know - because I've been there and done it and now many of my clients have achieved this now.
There is something divine and powerful here to support us. Our life is sacred and divine only if we allow ourselves to see the best for ourselves. You can learn to do that, in order to receive the best for yourself.
So are YOU ready to create miracles and joy in your life?
If yes, then wait till you see what I am offering you! It is not going to hit your purse or budget, because I truly am here to help those who need this. And I know that transformation starts from change in the energy within you, and I will be with you at every step of the way and show you how.
I love my work because I know how much happiness and transformation this can offer to others. I want to show you how life can be of ease, joy and miracles, and show you the support from God.

What All Is Included?

Exclusive Online Members-Only Area

Access To over 72 hours of training

Fortnightly Live Online Seminar Training With Robin Bela

Cost and Details

The entire program is only for £17.99 per month! It is a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time.
This programme is created at low price purposely so I can support many people through this group. And you can always book a 1-1 programme with me or join my advanced programmes for business with more investment if you require more personal attention and advanced training for your self or business.
Through this members site I am able to support you for long term at an affordable price.
Areas that are dealt with in this group programme are:
     Spirituality and Mental wellbeing
    Personal Development
My intention with this programme is to serve all those who want God's supp ort and miracles for themselves and the world.
The way Source/God is mentioned in the Programme is to help us connect to our divinity and our manifesting power. You can follow any God or just begin with the concept of Universe too if you are new to working with God. It is just important to understand we are here to working with something higher energy than us who has created this planet and us.
After being in the professional field of energy healing, life coaching and business coaching for over a decade and prior to that also corporate background, I came across situation that was hard in my life. At that time I came to realise that connection to God brought me all balance, healing, and success that I wanted and needed.
And it was then the best of coaching, meditation and energy healing practices that I was known for teaching and coaching by my clients didn’t help me suddenly like it always did. I had to find something else soon.
And in my own spiritual journey that lasted for about 2 years, I discovered a process by which I can be happier and prosperous and then I brought the same for my clients too.
I dropped all those old ways of doing things that had brought me a regular stream of income and I was known for, that felt incomplete or not enough to me personally for my well being and success and in what I was offering for my clients well-being and success too. And from there, this programme and further new programmes were launched starting 2018.
In this Programme, my constant support is available to you. You will be able to ask me personally any questions during the seminars or before the seminars and you will have the option to let me know of your questions on seminar registration page too.


You're one click away from
creating miracles in your life

If you want:
☑ To find inner mental and also outer life success, and feel valued, loved and good about yourself
Heal and transform relationships and feel valued, loved and good about yourself
☑ Find emotional and outer physical balance
☑ Find the abundance and contentment in life
☑ Be in the flow of miracles through God
☑ Feel safe and confident about the present and the future
Find the freedom by creating joy and happiness that is not dependent on anything outside of you
☑ Develop your deeper spiritual connection, and
☑ Gain clarity to live your life to your highest potential
...then let's begin !
About me, I am an Author, Speaker Success Mindset & Manifestation Coach, MBA, Spiritual Mentor, a Transformational Teacher & Energy Therapist over 15 years. I am originally from India and living in the UK since 2003.

Testimonial by Deborah King

"Robin has a lot of wisdom to share, and I see her as a bridge between the East and the West."

- Deborah King, Hay House Author, New York Times best-selling author of 'Be Your Own Shaman' and 'Truth Heals'.
Deborah King

Testimonial by David Riddle

I have been very impressed with Robin's ability to help me find inner peace in a way that had been eluding me. I have been learning many ways to empty my mind of worries and connect to God through her "Manifesting Miracles With The Divine" program. I highly recommend to try it out. Robin's faith and connection always comes through in her talks, meditations and prayers. It brings a calmness to my day every time I listen. Her teachings give much to ponder and I am always learning more and more in each session on faith and inner peace.
The Members section has all her previous recordings since January 2018 and is a treasure cove of information how to strengthen your faith to allow more manifestation into your life. Very few walking on this planet have the ability to transmit this type of healing force like Robin is able. Make sure to join her sessions and become a member. It will change and improve your life forever.
- David Riddle (US) (Akashic Energy Worker, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer)
David Riddle - testimonial for Miracles with the Divine Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Isha Gupta

Robin has been a tremendous source of support and growth for me over the past 10 years. Her strong intuitive skills enable her to always provide the right guidance at the right time. I have done a few different programmes with her over the years, but her 1 to1 coaching sessions and her online seminars really stand out as incredible. With regards to her seminars, she has been doing them since 2018 and I find that whatever I am going through I can browse through her seminars and find one that is able to soothe me and guide me - strange because I may be listening to the seminar in 2020 and it may have been recorded in 2018 but it feels as though she is directly responding to something I am going through in the moment! Her 1 to 1 coaching sessions really help with lifting the individual's energies back into a high clear minded place...even though we have tools we can work with on our own, sometimes working with a coach who is able to maintain her energies in a high place, really helps with providing the boost we need. Here's to another 10 years Robin!
- Isha Gupta, Corporate Professional, London.
David Riddle - testimonial for Miracles with the Divine Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Anna Howard

"Robin is First Class! As a healer and mindfulness teacher, I am sensitive to the energy of others and I have no reservations in recommending Robin whose clarity, integrity and compassion impressed me from the beginning. I have found sessions with her to be powerful, and yet gentle: her warmth and sense of humour complementing the great wisdom and strong energies that come through her. She is immensely positive and truly 'walks her talk'; and this means that simply being with her - whether in person or at a distance - will start to bring about the changes you are seeking."
- Anna Howard, Author, Healer and Coach, UK.  
Anna Howard

Testimonial by Kruthika Sudharshan

Working with Robin’s online seminars, I have no doubt in experiencing miracles each day. Robin is one person who has shown me a new way to see God as ‘loving’ instead of God as ‘fearing’.
When I listened to Robin's Webinars, I discovered how to balance my own emotions. It was a different way to look at the world for me. No one has ever shown this to me in such a compassionate way.
Recently I was in the fear of losing my job and was praying to God. I listened to all her beautiful seminars from the Miracles with the divine online programme, where she speaks about letting go of the fear by asking God's presence, and attaining God’s success vision. With this new mindset I managed to get the work situation sorted.
Never have I listened to someone describing love of God as Robin does. That is the beautiful feeling I experience when I started to understand Robin’s words better. She speaks about God the way you certainly would fall in love with God. This is just a beautiful way to release and heal all negative thoughts and habits, and attain our deserving success, happiness and peace in life.
- Kruthika Sudharshan, India.
Kruthika Sudharshan's testimonial for Miracles with the Divine programme

Testimonial by Lucile Christophe

"I enjoyed every second of working with Robin. I learnt things about me and discovered more of me. There is something special about Robin that makes me be 200% true to myself and to the work we do together. With Robin I cannot lie, even to myself, it is impossible. That Journey with Robin has been enlightening with the knowing of my truth. In the programme with Robin, I sat and thought, wrote, talked with the deep feelings and soon I was starting a new adventure. Different doors started opening for me in life. My life started taking a curve towards peace, happiness and self-love. Robin gave me all the keys I needed to start that journey toward my real, my true, authentic self. She guided me towards who I really am. Thank you so much."
- Lucile Christophe, Photographer, Paris.
Lucile Christophe
 Get access to an exclusive Members Area for the Programme with over 72 hours of training
Your monthly subscription will include every Fortnightly LIVE Online training with Robin.
Recording of each live call will be made available within 24 hours.
Ask Robin any questions on class registration page or during the call. All questions are answered.
Your members’ login and password is sent to you within 24 hours after you have signed up.
So are you ready to get started to find your manifesting power, path to joy, peace, abundance and success? I can't wait to share this with you!
I would love you to receive a life of ease and miracles.


You're one click away from
creating miracles in your life