Are Unhealed Wounds Or Fears Blocking Your Success?

My emotional unhealed self from relationships in the past was blocking my financial success. I was then feeling low and unhappy within and I wasn’t creating enough work and abundance from that place.

With a depressed and unhappy mind, one cannot create any outer success even when fully determined. It can leave one burnt out. With insufficient inner happiness fueling us, one cannot go too far under stress.

Finding my healing and balance was an important requirement for me to align to success and abundance. So, no amount of marketing strategies could work for me, as long as I remained in that state of mind!

Holding on to deep emotional wounds zaps energies and blocks success now and for years later too, if not released.

To come out of it, requires honest digging in to what you truly need to let go of, and what you want instead. It may require facing what is difficult to look at, see the painful emotions within and release them.

Journaling and writing your thoughts in a diary can help you see what you need to release clearly if you are unsure.

To be aligned to my prosperity, first my alignment to my true authentic self was very important. That required my own healing journey.

In 2011, I came out of a relationship that wasn’t serving my highest good and after that I rediscovered my self-confidence and success in my work.

When I left my partner, I was very low in confidence and had emotional wounding. I was also overweight and obviously, unhappy. I fortunately realized that I had to work on myself, heal my own wounds, find my confidence and value in myself. I followed the steps I’m sharing below and through the process, I lost 3 stones in weight, found my healing, balance, and my business took off as well!

I am now a published author and  I have been serving my clients, helping them achieve happiness and success, since 15 years. I help Entrepreneurs manifest their financial freedom by creating a Spiritual Success Mindset.

So what are the key steps I took to heal and clear my energies?


 First, face all your thoughts where you feel sad, in pain, fearful, condemning, seeing lack, criticizing, angry, and are judging self and others. Be honest and take your time in bringing them all to your mind. Feel free to write them down too, as you go deeper gaining clarity on what you need to release and let go of.


 Now, make a commitment that you are done with the old, painful, fearful and lack stories, and truly want to connect to unconditional peace and joy. This is when you are taking your power back from all those situations.

This is done best when you do connect to some inner power that you may call God or perhaps you call it Universe, Source.

You want peace and happiness despite all terrible things that might have happened. The logic fails then, and hence we can only find peace and happiness right away by calling out for divine intervention.

A prayer to God is the most powerful way to do this. In my years of Life Coaching, Business Coaching and healing practice, I have come to realise there is nothing more powerful than just working directly with God, who offers healing and success manifestations. Ask God for your pain to be healed, forgiven and released, in return for your peace now. Spend some time till you feel peaceful within.


 After releasing the old, you should look at choosing positive and happy thoughts that you wish to feel and experience now. It starts from your decision to choosing that consciously and asking for God’s support, who gives us the strength in this transformation.

Now, you can choose to ‘Intend’ the words that see perfection and wholeness in you like below:

I AM God’s perfect child, whole, healed and complete.

I AM choosing God’s love, peace and joy instead of pain.

I AM choosing God’s strength.

God’s peace shines in me.

God’s love shines in me.

God’s confidence and success flows through me.

God supports me for everything.

This way you can build a positive future for yourself where old limiting thoughts and any buried emotions do not rule you. You continue to choose to remain in happy and positive energies.

From here you can feel mentally and emotionally ready to embark on your success journey towards a prosperous future!

Doing inner work requires sometimes courage, as you choose to be someone different from who you have been, but I promise you, the other side is lighter, happier and prosperous.

I hope this message has offered you something of interest.

Healing emotional wounds is vital if you want to become more successful in business and create financial freedom. In my programme, Divine Success Manifestation Accelerator, one of the things we do is we go deep into emotional healing as well if you require, where we delve into prayer, meditation, mindset, manifestation and energy work. If you are looking for help to clear your emotional wounds and transform yourself and learn to tap into the right energies to manifest success for your business, please email me at with subject heading - Divine Success Manifestation Accelerator.

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