Seeing The Perfection In YOU Creates Financial Success!

For years I assumed that my business success is based only on the hours I put into work or how many skills or certificates I acquired, or how much I spent on marketing!  It just left me drained, empty and nowhere near to fulfilling my purpose and living my life abundantly.

I caught myself frantically doing things without purpose, I knew deep down it was out of fear, confusion, not feeling good enough and I kept trying everything that might work as opposed to being guided divinely from a sacred space of authenticity, God’s will, purpose and being of service. I knew I was missing the belief that I have everything within me to achieve my success, but I did not know how to find my way out of this maze of confusion and state of emotional overwhelm!

When I am out of alignment with my inner clarity and power, naturally I would feel powerless. From that energy, whether you are a new entrepreneur or experienced, you can create only the energy of being stuck and of lack. The progress is slow, painful and keeps you burnt out.

As Entrepreneurs we need to learn to keep our energies high & clarity in our minds.  It is how we can manifest successful outcomes. Just as our bodies need exercise, our minds need nurturing, and it requires stillness to connect and align our being to our inner higher conscious mind.

When we learn to connect deeply with our higher consciousness on a daily basis and our actions come from a pure high spiritual mindset, a miraculous energy starts flowing into our lives, and naturally flows into our work.

It took me years to find the source of this powerful mind space. I have been meditating since the age of 16.  And I have been in this field of Energy work & Coaching professionally for the last 15 years.

I have worked in corporate field of advertising and marketing for about 5 years prior to that and also have MBA marketing degree.  But no marketing skills gave me success in business as pure connection to the Divine consciousness and working from my sacred purpose did.

This energy is of love that we connect to. Abundance in truth is also love. When our work comes from that space, our work is divinely inspired and it reaches success that we are looking for, or receive more too as God wills.

Here are a few guidelines to align your actions to your highest consciousness for your success.

  1. See Yourself As Perfect & Whole

One needs to let go the habit of working out of fear & desperation, and move into our highest divine conscious state with God, for which first one essentially requires seeing oneself with kind eyes. And see the perfection in you and let go of self-judgements and criticisms that are keeping you and your goals small too.

Working extra hard when you carry the belief of not being good enough or lucky enough to deserve your ideal result is not going to create any energy for success! It would instead only create struggle and frustration, because you continue to remain in the same energy and naturally results too no matter how hard you work!

What matters is that you carry the energy or belief that you are perfect, whole and complete, and the work you do comes from a place of love and devotion to serve.

Giving our insecurities to God in a prayer and seeing one self as whole, healed and complete just as you were born perfect, really helps us to align to the right divine consciousness.

  1. Be Open To Guidance

When we ask, we receive. So if you are asking God/Universe to show you the way, you will be. You can rest your mind in full faith about it. Don’t keep going back to worrying mind! If you do, you move out of alignment to higher consciousness. A worrying mind steals our present, and even our future success.

  1. Stay focused On The Energy of Love & Service

When we let go of fears and worries, and even the idea of lack within ourselves, there are only peace and love energies left within us then.  When you reach there, you will be relaxed and not feel compelled to reach or rush anywhere else to prove anything to the world, but be comfortably present here in the moment feeling content, perfect and whole.

When the mind thoughts stop trying to sabotage your success, you can then allow your higher self to guide actions naturally from a loving heart.  In fact when actions are being taken from a place of love, work feels joyful and it doesn’t feel overwhelming. You don’t have to over think the process. You are also not afraid to follow what you really want to do. You are relaxed taking steps joyfully towards it.

If you ever catch your mind sabotaging your success, you just need to connect to your higher consciousness. A quick way to do is to say a prayer in simple words giving your problems to God, and ask for peace and joy in return now.

I hope this sharing has given you some insight into creating the right joyful energies for your business and success.

If you are overwhelmed with confusion & frustration and feeling not in control of manifesting your success, you most likely are missing on the divine alignment to higher consciousness and your success mindset, and you need to learn to be guided naturally from a place of joy, love and purpose. And you need to learn the art of not worrying to let manifestations unfold.

I have a Programme called ‘Divine Success Manifestation Accelerator’ that takes you on a deep dive, to heal and transform your mindset to success. Please feel free to send me an email at with subject heading ‘Divine Success Manifestation Accelerator.’

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