There is nothing to be added on to you

The heading of this article may strike odd to most people striving for perfection. It is always wonderful to have delightful goals to experience but not at the expense of belittling or criticizing our self. The truth is that we are whole, healed and complete now. It is how God created us. As babies we are born perfect, joyful and happy. We carry God’s pure essence of love and light naturally.
So what goes wrong is, in finding the belief that we have the need to add something on to us to be whole, happy and perfect. And we could keep searching that for all our life because it never exists. It is the place of sorrow instead. It is the place of competition, jealousy, fears and all such illusions that are not true.
We can only attract more happiness, success, joy, and peace in life if we invite that state of being in ourselves within our hearts and minds first. Therefore the mindset of being whole, perfect and joyful already creates the powerful loving joyful energy to manifest more rewarding experiences in life naturally.
Somehow as we grow to be adults, limiting thoughts for self get attached from the world around us. We start seeing and believing in lack instead of seeing our self as perfect God’s/Universe’s child who is capable to experience love, joy, peace and abundance naturally as any other child of God/Universe. There is nothing to be ‘added’ on to anyone, except perhaps ‘removing’ all thoughts of imperfection. And then all is well here, right now, including any change needed is possible then..
So here is a supporting Intent to affirm for that:
I AM a child of God. I AM healed, whole and perfect. I have everything.
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