Manifesting Isn’t Going To Work Until You Do This One Thing!

For years, I lived in constant worry and struggled to grow my coaching practice.

My mind played tricks with thoughts, as ‘I am not good enough; well-known enough’. I just felt tired and overwhelmed with so many new marketing techniques out there in the world, and I kept doing all tirelessly.

At that time I did not realise I was missing an important piece in my efforts to achieve success…

I wanted to pursue my dream of serving people through my coaching practice. And I definitely did not want to go back to the corporate job I had earlier on.

For years, I tried and tested things. I found that people loved what I had to offer and I just managed to get enough clients to pay my bills. But this phase of just paying my bills went on for too long. I wanted my FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

I realised that I was manifesting everything I was asking, even the part that I cover all my bills always. So, it’s not that I cannot manifest, it’s just that I wasn’t thinking big enough, and was asking too little for myself!

I realised just then that the missing piece all this time had been my own success mindset. It is something one needs to develop.

For success, marketing expenses are not needed, not even years of experience, though I have 15 years now in this field full time but back then even with many years of work experience did it help me manifest the income I wanted?

So what are the Key Steps to manifesting success then?

  1. Instead of Focussing on ‘How’, focus on ‘What’!

The biggest secret to receiving more in life is we need to learn to ask for exactly what we want from God, the Universe. Then you move forward and clarity begins to take shape. Instead of thinking of ‘How’, focus on ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT?’

It is very easy to get stuck in playing small when you are worrying about not knowing the complete picture. You block yourself from taking the right step. And you go back to earning what you always did.

All steps and clarity literally manifest after our decision to commit to our success! Our mind and heart create solutions on what we focus on clearly.

  1. Move Energetically Within Toward What You Want!

When we first start to think big for ourselves, it requires us to discard our old stories of lack and instead see success that we are now creating and what we are becoming.

It requires getting into the feeling and excitement of that person you want to be. You cannot look at your successful new self with fear of the old and lack in mind, but only with excitement and success filled in your mind! You have to consciously step into your New Shoes!

  1. Move from Fear To Love in your Heart & Mind / Replace Fear in your Heart and Mind with Love

There is an element of spirituality and alchemy in manifestation work. Miracles happen for me for all I ask and pray for. When I pray from a place of appreciation and love in my heart, I am already energetically aligned to what I am asking for. The deep sense of peace within me is my sign that God is listening and I am in alignment to my manifestations.

  1. Embody Your Courageous Truth

When you are aligned to your heart and soul, it’s easy to be courageous and speak the truth and take actions from that place in your business, no matter how big the decisions are. You will not allow yourself to be less and do lesser than what you are thinking. And God supports those who are aligned to their truth, which makes them love themselves, the world and life!

You can do it! Whatever you want, wherever you are holding yourself back, you can move forward successfully.

Remember to focus on what you want, and not how you are going to get there! Instead of fearful thoughts focus on what can go right, and why this rings true to your heart and soul.

The Universe aligns everything perfectly for us when we are 100% aligned to our success energy within, with no hesitation and doubt!

Please feel free to share your thoughts. Perhaps you are or have experienced something similar?

If you would like help to create your success mindset, I can assist you. Please email me at with subject heading - Success Mindset Programme.

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