Personal Life Success Mentoring with Robin Bela

is FIRST an inward

Personal Coaching with me is about helping you transform an area of life, to help you see what may be blocking you and help you release, heal and create desired change. This mentoring is about focusing on one major goal and manifesting a better successful outcome for you.
Often the process includes clearing past patterns and other times, moving past our current unhealthy emotions and fears. I can help you identify what they are, and not just help you heal and release them, but also help you live a remarkably new way of living where you will feel more in charge of your personal happiness, peace and joy within.
Transformation is first an inward journey. So, you will first start experiencing peace within for no reason and learn to experience that on a daily basis. After which you will experience more joy and confidence in how you feel about yourself, your mind and also body. Once the mind is healed, the changes are seen in outer reality, in physical manifestations.
The inner transformation created will soon start the creating outer reality that you want in your personal life circumstances too.
Personal Life Success

Manifestations in health, relationships and personal life circumstances, inner peace, are all possible by creating a new relationship with self and the Divine Source.

We connect with God or you may with the Universe, if you are new to the idea. But miracles, deeper revelations for your solutions and opening doors to what you might think is hard or impossible; Personal Coaching with me can offer you all that. I will personally help you transform your life and also show you how to access this deeper spiritual realm so you can learn to live this life by yourself.
Learning a new way of thinking and experiencing life to receive more would require your serious attention and intention. You will need to commit time for the coaching, so I can focus on you and help you create the success you want in your personal life.
In my over 15 years of experience as a coach, mentor, speaker teacher and healer, I have helped thousands heal and create change, personally or through my group programmes in person and online. Our power comes truly from connecting within and I will help you find your confidence in materializing your changes.
I have authored a book ‘Break The Pattern: Connecting To The Power Within To Create The Life You Want’ in 2014 and co authored Successful Minds in 2020. Both books are about personal and business changes.
I have achieved several changes for clients and also for myself. I have opened this programme to offer 1-1 personal coaching to you so I can fast-track your success in personal life.
Once we speak, I will know exactly what steps to take you through. Some examples of how I work are as below:
☑ I would look at your mental and emotional well-being and your mindset that you carry for your personal life success.
☑ As a healer I can help you be energetically balanced if you feel tired and drained.
☑ You will be free of a lot of old baggage or and limiting beliefs about yourself and life.
☑ You will create more harmony, balance, peace and joy in your personal life. This programme will be nurturing and healing for the soul.
☑ You can release all tensions from your mind and also learn to dive deep into emotions if you have never been able to feel safe to do so. The focus is to move to positive energies right away during the sessions. Sometimes fear blocks us from even looking at unresolved emotions, and keeps us caged and at time keeping busy is a way of handling and ignoring important unhealed and unprocessed emotions that need to be addressed.
☑ Respecting self and your needs is essential and you would learn to do just that in this programme.
☑ And you will learn to allow receiving more into your life all that you truly deserve and want.
☑ Whatever you wish to manifest next in your life, you will be able to sow its seeds in this Programme and create the right mindset, energy and steps to achieve it. We begin by creating clear goals that you wish to achieve. And I will be with you through the entire process.

Are You Ready to Manifest Your Personal Success Now?

If so, please book a time to speak with me to discuss if this programme would be right for you and if it is, I will share all details.

Testimonial by Deborah King

"Robin has a lot of wisdom to share, and I see her as a bridge between the East and the West."
- Deborah King, Hay House Author, New York Times best-selling author of 'Be Your Own Shaman' and 'Truth Heals'.
Deborah King

Success Stories:

Testimonial by Lucile Christophe

"I enjoyed every second of working with Robin. I learnt things about me and discovered more of me. There is something special about Robin that makes me be 200% true to myself and to the work we do together. With Robin I cannot lie, even to myself, it is impossible. That Journey with Robin has been enlightening with the knowing of my truth. In the programme with Robin, I sat and thought, wrote, talked with the deep feelings and soon I was starting a new adventure. Different doors started opening for me in life. My life started taking a curve towards peace, happiness and self-love. Robin gave me all the keys I needed to start that journey toward my real, my true, authentic self. She guided me towards who I really am. Thank you so much."
- Lucile Christophe, Photographer, Paris.
Lucile Christophe

Testimonial by Isha Gupta

Robin has been a tremendous source of support and growth for me over the past 10 years. Her strong intuitive skills enable her to always provide the right guidance at the right time. I have done a few different programmes with her over the years, but her 1 to1 coaching sessions and her online seminars really stand out as incredible.  Her 1 to 1 coaching sessions really help with lifting the individual's energies back into a high clear minded place...even though we have tools we can work with on our own, sometimes working with a coach who is able to maintain her energies in a high place, really helps with providing the boost we need. Here's to another 10 years Robin!
Isha Gupta, Corporate Professional, London.
Isha Gupta

Testimonial by Michael Quinn

Robin is by far one of the best in her field. For years I have been trying to master my meditation technique with varying degrees of success. After my sessions course with Robin I experienced increased positivity, less stress and felt in harmony with the people and things around me... In addition, significant changes in my life took place. The techniques taught to me by Robin enabled me to navigate successfully through choppy seas that would have destroyed most other people... Thank you, Robin!
- Michael Quinn, UK.

Testimonial by Tammy Tidmarsh

Robin is a true professional who can effect change on a deep level and has been a fabulous guide to me in the past.
- Tammy Tidmarsh, Marketing Professional UK.
Tammy Tidmarsh - Testimonial for Personal Life Success Mentoring by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Anna Howard

"Robin is First Class! As a healer and mindfulness teacher, I am sensitive to the energy of others and I have no reservations in recommending Robin whose clarity, integrity and compassion impressed me from the beginning. I have found sessions with her to be powerful, and yet gentle: her warmth and sense of humour complementing the great wisdom and strong energies that come through her. She is immensely positive and truly 'walks her talk'; and this means that simply being with her - whether in person or at a distance - will start to bring about the changes you are seeking."
- Anna Howard, Author, Healer and Coach, UK.
Anna Howard

Testimonial by David Riddle

I have been very impressed with Robin's ability to help me find inner peace in a way that had been eluding me. I have been learning many ways to empty my mind of worries and connect to God through her "Manifesting Miracles With The Divine" program. I highly recommend to try it out. Robin's faith and connection always comes through in her talks, meditations and prayers. It brings a calmness to my day every time I listen. Her teachings give much to ponder and I am always learning more and more in each session on faith and inner peace.
The Members section has all her previous recordings since January 2018 and is a treasure cove of information how to strengthen your faith to allow more manifestation into your life. Very few walking on this planet have the ability to transmit this type of healing force like Robin is able. Make sure to join her sessions and become a member. It will change and improve your life forever.
- David Riddle (US) (Akashic Energy Worker, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer)
David Riddle - testimonial for Miracles with the Divine Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Andrew Turnbull

I am been visiting Robin for around 15 years now. I have found her to be a great help with a number of issues. I will often visit her when I am feeling particularly stressed with issues in my life, but will also see her at other times for the good of my mental well-being. I always leave each session feeling reinvigorated and in a more positive frame of mind. She is a lovely person and has been a great help to me over the years.
- Andrew Turnbull, Edinburgh, UK

Testimonial by Angela Fallon

Incredibly intuitive healer, uses the right words that resonate. Truly divinely gifted.
- Angela Fallon, Tai Chi Teacher, Edinburgh, UK

Testimonial by Trudy Anderson

I have been going to Robin for a number of years and now I live in Australia, I always make a special trip to Edinburgh when I come back to the UK as I find her sessions an invaluable boost to my inner work and continuing spiritual and emotional growth.
I am a reiki Master myself but find, like counsellors, we all need our own 'Master' and Robin is most definitely mine. I find her intuitive sense of what is needed complements exactly what I need and her flexibility of working with the energy as it manifests itself perfect for moving me on the right path.
I have introduced my own pupils to Robin, even before I left for Australia and so would obviously recommend her to any of you reading this.
We all have our own path and exploring different avenues and treatments is part of that. Robin is most definitely a part of mine and I hope once you work with her you will find she complements yours too.”
- Trudy Anderson, Sydney, Australia.
Trudy Anderson  - testimonial for Personal Life Success Mentoring Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Penelope Blissenden

Hi Robin. Thanks so much for this empowering coaching ecourse. It has been a real turning point for me. I have collated all your feedback given and am working on them. I really am feeling so focused. Ideas are coming and coming! So many now that I have to sit and prioritise and see it as work now. Before I just thought I was playing around and nothing would come of it. Now, I really have faith in setting-up classes in spiritual development and so many different things to develop my work that my heart wants & help others. My friends are noticing the change. I feel full of excitement. Another great thing has been offered to me - An exhibition space! So, I am now organising to have an Art Exhibition to show my paintings in a month, here in London. I haven't had one for 13 years, so I am really excited. I have so much to look forward to and am moving forward with confidence.
- Penelope Blissenden, Therapist, Healer & Artist, London, UK

Testimonial by Paul Simons

Robin is very dedicated to her work as a healer and takes her client's needs very seriously. I traveled to Edinburgh from US for an in-person session and programmes, it was a long trip, but definitely worth it. If you want honest input, powerful positive results, you have come to the right place. She is able to channel tremendous energy.
- Paul Simons, Healer, USA.
Paul Simons  - Testimonial for Personal Life Success Mentoring Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Romana Chaudhry

I have known Robin for some years, and highly recommend all her services that she provides. Robin has helped me grow as a person and understand myself better. Her courses were great, very informative and intuitive. She tailors her courses to the needs of the students on that day. The best quality about Robin, she is always there to support you, because she believes in you. If I were to describe Robin in a few words, I would say, Robin has a Heart of Gold :). It's been a pleasure working with you.
Romana Chaudhry, London, UK.

Testimonial by Audrey Morrison

I am seeing things in a new way and this has enhanced my own health & wellbeing and has taken me onto a new level of spiritual awareness. My friends have remarked about the 'change in me' and although I know I have a long way to go on my journey, I feel I am on the right road.-
- Audrey Morrison, Birmingham, UK.

Testimonial by Rosie Glass

A card sent by Rosie to Robin: Dear Robin, Just wanted to say thank you so much for a truly wonderful Retreat in India. It was so much more amazing than I had thought and I feel it will be life changing..(very exciting!!)
You are an inspiration to me because of your inner peace and beauty- so rare in this busy life we lead today.
And after another course, Rosie sent this testimonial: I am not afraid of change - I believe in dreams now! What an amazing course it has been. And you are an amazing person and teacher Robin! Since I have started this course, people have been telling me that I look younger. I made peace with my father by saying the affirmation and knowing that it wasn't my fault or his that he died, and this was the most powerful affirmation I have ever done and the first time I have ever had the strength to acknowledge that it wasn't my fault and I wasn't abandoned. My partner said that as he was looking at me last night, I literally have started to look younger. Also, since starting this course I have really wanted to do the creative things I did as a child and was good at. I have got a real desire to play the piano again, (I was very good at it), sing, paint with oils and dance! It's amazing. I am feeling younger and more vitalised and people are noticing! I have not done anything creative since my father died, which was in 1988! I feel more alive and it's fantastic...xx.
- Rosie Glass, Therapist, Bristol, UK.
Rosie Glass  - testimonial for Personal Life Success Mentoring Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Debra Carruthers

I first met Robin in 2008 when I enrolled in one of her courses. She is always on hand to answer any questions, even two years after the courses have finished. She has a wealth of knowledge and has helped me grow as a person in so many ways, thank you Robin!
- Debra Carruthers, Therapist, Edinburgh, UK.
Debra Carruthers   - testimonial for Personal Life Success Mentoring Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Eliza Langland

I have experience of Robin as a teacher and facilitator. She is sincere in what she does and puts the same care and loving attention with which she practices her beliefs into the way she delivers her courses.
- Eliza Langland, Therapist and Coach, Edinburgh, UK.
Eliza Langland - testimonial for Personal Life Success Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Marion Scott

Hi, I have had personal sessions with Robin and been some of her courses. Which are very good and great fun. She makes you feel at ease from the very beginning and gives all the information in an easy comfortable. Would recommend either sessions or course worth every penny. Will be back for more.
- Marion Scott, Therapist and Coach, Edinburgh, UK.
Marion Scott   - testimonial for Personal Life Success Mentoring Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Alison Connelly

I have gained the value of life's purpose through Robin: to do all things for the highest good and with complete love and peace. Robin has helped me to truly feel the joy of having this in my life through the courses I have attended.
- Alison Connelly, Edinburgh, UK.

Testimonial by Linda Grieg

Robin’s programme demands a lot of introspection, self-analysis but boy it cleared out a heap lot of rubbish that has been there for a long time. I felt much better afterwards. Robin somehow gives you confidence in the knowledge that she imparts about the theoretical stuff. I am a very logical person. I need to know that what I am doing has some basis and facts. And Robin seems to have the ability to provide that theoretical frame work but at the same time allows us a lot of practice and shows a lot of practical work on top of that.
- Linda Grieg, Speech and Language Therapist in U.K and United Arab Emirates (retired in 2008), Edinburgh, UK.

Testimonial by Nate Johnson

I had a wonderful conversation with Robin. She's warm, inviting and intentional and I felt both safe and very creative in our conversation. She emits positive energy and helping people is in her blood. I highly recommend speaking with Robin if you're looking to enhance your life and profession.
- Nate Johnson, High performance Coach
Nate Johnson - testimonial for Personal Life Success Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Chetna Chapanery

Robin is a great personal and business coach! She is very dedicated to her work and shows great integrity. She is extremely knowledgeable and has lots of things to share with the world. I would highly recommend Robin to anyone who wants to see results!
- Chetna Chapanery, Healer & Coach, Preston.
Chetna Chapanery - testimonial for Personal Life Success Mentoring Programme by Robin Bela

Testimonial by Jane Morgan

Robin has the special gift of being able to connect you to what truly matters. She does this with love, caring, compassion, wisdom and total confidence. She is quite exceptional, and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be coached by her.
- Jane Morgan, UK.

Testimonial by Jenn Mayer

Robin is the most wonderful person I have ever met. She has transformed my life and supported me through times when thought that I could not go on. There is a magic about her and she connects you to god in the most marvellous way. I highly recommend working with her and finding your peace and joy regardless of outside circumstances. Much love Robin xx
Jenn Mayer, Edinburgh UK.
Jenn Mayer - testimonial for Personal Life Success Mentoring Programme by Robin Bela
More Details About This Programme and How To Book:
Coaching is all done online via online Zoom or Phone.
I have limited spots for one-to-one personal coaching, so if you are interested, I would like to have an initial consultation to mutually understand what you need. If I feel I can help and that you are suitable for my programme, I will then share all details.


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