Why Our Thoughts Are Meaningless!

You may be surprised to realise perhaps that we have created every thought that we have ever had, the good and the bad, through our choice. It has not appeared through God or been created from outside of us, but through us, from our own illusions and imagination. Everything that is not from God's will and perception is only our illusion.
God shows us the meaningful world when we stop the meaningless chatter in our minds. It is shown to us and is given to us naturally without our interference, because the good naturally wants to come to us. But we may block it with our fearful perceptions.
How we react to everything and hold a thought about something, is our perception that can be changed by our will and choice at any time. Hence there is nothing real that has taken place in our world when we witness our ego mind's thoughts, and these thoughts, good or bad, circling in our minds, are meaningless.
These illusions, if allowed to continue in our minds, soon create a certain world around us, and if thoughts have been of fear and negativity, they create the unreal, meaningless world around us. But if thoughts in first place were never real, we are free to choose thoughts that are peaceful and happy despite what our ego’s fearful thoughts might suggest otherwise in our mind.
This is the very foundation to allowing our mind to be free of judgments, limiting thoughts and to gain freedom to live life the way we want. No one can stop us to feel good right now, other than ourselves.
When there is no attachment to any thought or expectation, peace and love is the only home to go to and only salvation to strive for. And when this is achieved, everything falls into place in our outer circumstance including abundance and happiness.
We have to learn to allow our thoughts running in our minds to mean nothing and to not let them rule our life. It includes both good and the bad thoughts.
We really need not force good thoughts too, but simply abstain from the bad ones. Forcing good thoughts comes from fear of not being good enough to receive the best. Our human nature is to be joyous and happy. Ignoring thoughts blocking the natural good feeling, allows us to be in natural joyful state. We don't have to add anything on to us to receive the good, but just remember that God has created us perfect when we came into this world.
When we can choose to be in a place of silent, thoughtless mind, and not take seriously any thought that maybe observed, it is our human nature to gravitate naturally towards love, peace, prosperity, and also healing. When the mind chatter is stopped, we return to our natural state of joy and well-being, without doing anything really. And this is attained through a conscious choice at each moment.
Your Intent to be in your most natural state is:
I AM free of meaningless thoughts. I remain in love and Joy.
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