Work With Robin 1-1

If you would like to work one-on-one with Robin via Skype or in-person at Edinburgh, UK,  then please select the service you would like to avail of. She is currently offering:

Personal Life Coaching: Break The Pattern To Create Change Programme

Life Coaching is to help you to break from undesirable patterns of thought and behaviour, and bring change and positive growth in all areas of life, including career, life purpose, relationships, money, health and personal development. I offer tools to gain clarity of your required next steps in life, to heal the mind and body, find inner & outer balance.
Being a healer and being spiritually attuned, most of my coaching sessions also include healing, spontaneous channeling and meditations. You will be offered clear steps that may be required to be taken in your life, and also tools to bring about the needed change. In each session, my intention is to support you to leave the old patterns and create new ones that would make your life happy, peaceful and fulfilling in every way.
I work closely with you to create the outcome you desire for the period of time we work together. In between sessions, you will get a chance to see the difference and in each session, I help you go further away from old patterns step-by-step. We must remember, that change is created deliberately but also requires gentleness so that you can relax and enjoy this process of change and creation of the new life.
Coaching sessions are always recommended to be for a package of minimum 6-12 sessions to create lasting long-term change. Sessions can be taken once or twice a month. A package of 6 sessions of Life Coaching is for £400 or 12 for £800.
Each session is for one hour. You can do this session via Skype, phone (UK Only) or you can visit me at 24 Bernard Street, Edinburgh EH6 6PP, UK. After payment, please email at for confirming your date and time for your 1st session.
 Special Offer:
You may want to opt now, or after the 6-12 package, choose one session for a lower rate of £50 monthly subscription, if you like regular once a month session for long term with me. You can click the ‘subscribe button’ below where the payment is taken automatically each month until you cancel.
You will also be able to join Robin’s Monthly Online Seminars, ‘Miracles With The Divine for FREE along with any of the options you choose above. These Online Seminars are conducted twice a month; each of about one hour duration, and these will facilitate transformation. 
You are welcome to have a free 20-minute consultation to discuss how I may be of help to you, over phone or Skype, if you are unsure of what option to choose. Please send me an email at to schedule that.
If you are ready to book now, please book from the payment buttons below and send me an email at indicating your available timings.
Purchase 6 sessions of Life Coaching - £400  
Purchase 12 sessions of Life Coaching -£800 
Monthly subscription for 1 Life Coaching Session + Miracles With The Divine Monthly Online Seminars -£50 Per Month 

1 Hour Intuitive Consultation With Robin

If you want a deep conversation with me to understand your situation and get some answers, I am able to help you receive that in one-hour session.
I offer direction as life coach as also an intuitive working with God. I have taught several Angel and Intuitive Courses.
In the session I may intuitively offer channeled words or meditation too. And being a healer, I have often found people receive immense healing in all my sessions too.
Each session is for one hour. You can do this session via Skype, Phone (UK Only) or you can visit me at 24 Bernard Street, Edinburgh EH6 6PP, UK. After payment, please email at for confirming your date and time for your 1st session.
The cost is £100 for an hour session. 

Energy Healing Session

I have been offering energy healing over 14 years now. I have taught this skill for many years. I have studied for this in India and also under Deborah King in the US. Working in this profession for so long, the sessions are quite powerful for physical healings and any general well-being issues too. 
I have experienced increased energy flow to the receiver since I began to work closely with God some years ago. It's created remarkable healing results for people.
Normally, people feel the clearing from the session for a few days or up to a week after the session.
In the session, energy is channeled to your body directly. You may sense some warm energies or tingling sensations in the body. Usually, people experience a peaceful energy that puts them in a deep relaxed state. Most aches, pains and anxieties reduce or even disappear in many instances, during the session. People with severe back issues or sports injuries can receive relief here.
The session is great for anyone for relief from any physical, emotional and anxiety issues and is great for recovery from surgeries too as its speeds up the healing. The session brings a balance in energies, releases tension, brings peace, and many times, offers deeper answers from the Soul as you feel so clear and relaxed.
 Venue and Timings for In-Person Sessions:
The Centre in Edinburgh is Ming Chen Clinics at 24 Bernard Street, Edinburgh EH6 6PP. You are welcome to pay for your session/s from this page or you can also pay via cash when we meet. Please email at for appointments. Client remains in full clothing when on the therapy bed.
Distance sessions
There is no difference in the way you receive the session, In-Person or through distance. The important thing is that you remain open. I have many clients living in Edinburgh, in the city I live, who simply love the sessions via distance and find it quite convenient to not have to travel. Working with my clientele from UK, US, India, Europe and Australia, I have come to see that distance sessions are no less powerful than my In-person sessions.
For distance sessions, you are required to let me know your preferred day/s and time/s for the session, just like you would do for an In-person session. You can send that information and anything else you would like to tell me about your requirements via email at
Once your distance session starts, you should be lying down for the period of the session. The energies can be strong and could make you dizzy, so please ensure that you are free and relaxed. You cannot be doing anything important like driving for sure at that time. Also, when you are relaxed, you are in the best receptive mode. You are required to drink plenty of water after the session through the day, as you may feel dehydrated due to clearing. The energies of the session can take some days to fully integrate within you, so it is advised to stay gentle and relaxed with yourself. Feedback of the session is sent to you via email usually within 24 hours after the session is completed.
Please ensure you are not taking any other therapy for 2-3 days to help the healing settle in fully. On some occasions for some intense clearing, you may experience some tiredness but would feel energised more than before after the energies are settled after session.
Prices And Package Offer For In-Person & Distance Sessions
You can choose:
  • 1-hour session for £100 for full body energy healing.
  • 30 minutes session for £65 where I will be intuitively working on your major issues 
  • There is also an option to buy Six 1-hour sessions at a special price of £400. These can be used anytime within 6 months. When you take this package, you also get FREE 6 months of Monthly Online Seminars With Robin called, ‘Miracles With The Divine’. Click here for details on Miracles With The Divine Programme. 
If you would like some consistent monthly work with Robin, you are welcome to get 1-hour session at £50 per month. You will also get the monthly subscription for Miracles With The Divine Online Seminars for £7.99 included in this price. Details of Miracles With The Divine are here. You can click ‘subscribe’ option below to start the regular monthly sessions. Your payment would be taken out automatically on the same day every month. You can choose to use that session for energy healing or even life coaching over the Skype/Phone as well for the next months. Please speak with me in the session about it.  
After your booking, I will email to check if you want In-person or Distance sessions and fix the convenient time for your session/s.
 If you have any questions, you are welcome to please get in touch at .I look forward to working with you.

Holistic Business Mentoring & Life Purpose Coaching
1-1 Session With Robin

I coach and mentor new and growing holistic businesses. You maybe a Coach or a Therapist.
I have experience in advertising and marketing field before I got into holistic business in 2005. I am able to see how people can tap into their purpose and create their offerings in the best way to their audience.
I have found most people in the spiritual, healing, and coaching field are unable to market themselves best as the skills required there are different to the skill set required for services offered. It is always best to take the support of people who can help you progress and move forward quicker to the desired goal in business.
If you are unsure what your purpose is and wish to follow a path, I can help you discover that too.
I can have an initial chat over phone or Skype. Please drop me a message at with your availabilities and mention ‘Business Mentoring’ in subject. And also please mention a little about where you are at with your business and any website. We can then go through what steps are needed for your business and how I can support to grow it.
You are also welcome to check out my 1- hour presentation/training introduction about how I can help support your purpose in life. I have asked in this presentation to connect with me on a link, but you are welcome to just drop me an email at for your ease.
Click Here To See FREE Introduction Video