Free Online Training: How To Invite Confident Purpose Into Your Life

Join Robin Bela, Author, Speaker, Purpose & Life Coach to learn some valuable tools in this FREE 1 Hour Online Video Training On, ‘How To Invite Confident Purpose Into Your Life’.
This is a great Introduction if you are interested to know I may be of help to you for Purpose coaching and Business Mentoring.
  • Find confidence to believe in your dreams for your business and purpose.
  • Learn steps to get organised.
  • Overcome anxiety and procrastination.
  • Discover your unique ideas, build upon them and create workable plans.
  • Remove what is blocking you to move forward.
  • Bring clarity and confidence in who you really are.
  • Find your true voice, true value and worth.
  • Create and follow a system, execute your plans and reach your purpose.
I am aware that a lot of times it is not easy to move towards your chosen direction. At times, you require healing, a new success-oriented positive mindset, more confidence, greater self-worth, belief in your dreams, unique ideas and plans. Sometimes, you need to give permission to self to want more in life, and find guidance and clarity on how to begin. And perhaps the following questions are important to you:
  • Is it hard to take the next step in your life because of unclarity? And you don't know who you are anymore; your true value and struggle to take the next step?
  • Do you hear yourself say often in mind, 'I want to be somebody or want more in life!' But you don't have the clarity and confidence on where and how to begin.
  • Are you in a place of fear, lack of energy, feeling unhappy within as if something is missing, feeling turmoil and confusion in your emotions, and in your physical environment that keeps stopping you to move forward in life?
I look forward to seeing you benefit from this free online video training and take the steps that you know you need to take right now.
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