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Introduction Video
Please note there is no live support or live classes as mentioned in this video, only recordings are available of the live sessions for the home study. You are welcome to use all tools and videos in this programme for self-study.

Presentation 1

Market Research/ Survey To Create Your Programmes & How To Price Them

HBAA 1 Market Research & Knowing Your Client:

Presentation 2

Creating Your Programmes And Sales Copy + Upwork & Website

HBAA 2 Creating Your Programmes & Promotional Copy:

Excel Templates Used In Above Programmes + Create Your Daily Routines With Excel Sheet:

Different Ways You Can Help Your Clients - Click Here
Client Survey - Click Here

How To Prepare To Work With Freelance Websites As Upwork

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Business & Purpose Alignment Daily Audio Meditation:

Accountability Form : To Be Filled Every Friday

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Recordings of Live Classes

Spirit Entrepreneur Mojo Class Recordings

2nd September, 2015 Recording - Releasing Fears & Blocks To Move Forward Confidently In Business
7th October, 2015 Recording - Getting Comfortable Being Seen And Being A Leader
2nd November, 2015 Recording - Finding Value & Belief In Yourself
2nd December, 2015 Recording - How To Create A Positive Mindset
6th January 2016 Recording – Time Management & Being Organised + New Year Special
3rd February, 2016 Recording - How To Be Confident Working With Clients And Attract Them Confidently
2nd March, 2016 Recording - The Art of Persuasion & Not Giving Up!
6th April, 2016 Recording – Boundaries
4th May 2016 Recording - How To Tap Into Intuition And The Divine In Business
1st June, 2016 Recording - Creating An Unbending Intent To Create Results
 6th July, 2016 Recording – Money Blocks

Business Strategy Class Recordings

16th September, 2015 Recording - Building An E-Newsletter, Website Layout Ideas & Creating Facebook Page
Please note the live class had the screen frozen for a bit during the call. Please continue watching as it gets corrected as you keep listening
21st October 2015 Recording - Sales Conversation & Process + High End Programme
18th November, 2015 Recording - Facebook Ads
16th December, 2015 Recording - The Art Of Copywriting : For Promotional Campaigns
20th January, 2016 Recording - Webinars (Also talk about Schedule Once Software)
Please note: The screen is frozen or some part in the beginning of session. Please keep listening, it gets corrected soon.
17th February, 2016 Recording - Product & Services Designing
16th March, 2016 Recording - Part 1 - Define Yourself And Brand Your Business
16th March, 2016 Recording - Part 2- Define Yourself And Brand Your Business
20th April, 2016 Recording – How to Plan An Event
18th May, 2016 Recording - Social Media Content Strategy
15th June, 2016 Recording - The Process Of Creating A High-End Programme
20th July, 2016 Recording - Self-Evaluation And Planning