Connecting to the Healer Within

This E-Course consists of 4 Teleseminars, which you can download and listen to immediately after purchase.
1st Teleseminar- Connecting to the Sacred Altar Within 
You will learn to quickly connect to the deepest part of your soul. This keeps you in your heart's centre and brings you balance in body and mind. And with this centeredness as the base, you will find yourself more connected to the Healer within and your true passions. We will create a Sacred Altar and Robin will take you through that process. Once the Sacred Altar within is created, you can revisit it regularly, and slowly it starts moving into your personality to the deepest sense of who you are, that gives you answers, healing and direction. The purpose of this tool is to connect to your Heart's Centre and to learn to remain there especially in times of trouble and loss. Connecting to the Sacred Altar is a powerful tool to get centred, feel safe and protected within on a daily basis so you can clearly make decisions rather than get overwhelmed by situations. This is a technique that Robin uses to stay connected with Her Soul at all times and is happy to share this powerful, healing and empowering tool in this teleseminar. Be prepared for a journey of healing as you connect to your spirit's centre.
2nd Teleseminar- Transformation for the Healer Within - Removing Blocks 
In this teleseminar, you will experience the healing for the issues that may be blocking you to Heal yourself and also Heal the blocks for moving ahead as a Healer. You are going to take a step further and look into the fears, doubts and blocks towards connecting to the powerful Healer within! As you embrace your fears and limiting beliefs, you become powerful Healers not only for Self but others too, naturally. Join this empowering healing class and embrace your healing powers! We will have some energy clearing sessions and deep anchoring for empowering you to be the powerful Healer that you already are!
3rd Teleseminar - Abundance in Health & Wealth: The Power to Receive
In this teleseminar, you will heal any blocks in 'receiving' the abundance of Health & Wealth and understand the path of feeling, seeing and receiving true abundance. We will restructure the beliefs of 'lack' within and bring in faith and trust for 'receiving', through the energy work we do in this session. They are truly the medicine, vitamins for your soul to be abundant. You will learn to enjoy the shower of abundance and learn to ask the support of the powerful Universe in this new creation of Abundant Health and Wealth for Yourself. You will learn to Dream in the NOW rather than in the future or in the past. And the most exciting part is that Robin anchors this in your energy patterns.
4th Teleseminar - Divine Passion: De-cluttering & Focusing
In this teleseminar, I want you to be honest in your Heart's desires. It is a healing experience because as you acknowledge each of the things you don't want, you start clearing them and instead focus on what is important for you. It is an art and skill and we will learn to stay centred in our Divine Dream. Join Robin in fast-tracking your dream! This incredible last session will totally empower you to live your dream and to connect to your passions and most importantly, to accept them.
Cost : £45