Energy Medicine Therapy With Robin Bela - Distance or In-Person

During my 14 years of practice in Energy healing work, I first learnt Reiki with crystals in India. I now have further developed my skills by studying Energy Medicine under Deborah King, Author and Teacher in US. Shamanic Energy Healing called 'Chelation' is used here. I also work with Angels and have taught several Angel, psychic and energy healing certification classes in the past years, in the East and the West. I have experienced increased energy flow to the receiver since I began to work closely with God. It's created remarkable healing results for people.

Normally, people feel the clearing from the session for a few days or up to a week after my sessions. 

In the session, energy is channeled to your body directly. You may sense some warm energies or tingling sensations in the body. Usually, people experience a peaceful energy that puts them in a deep relaxed state. Most aches, pains and anxieties reduce or even disapear in many instances, during the session.

I do channel various Guides and Angels in my sessions. My meditation prior to the session helps me to be a clear channel for them. And I mediate specifically for each of my clients before a session. Therefore, prior appointment is required.

The session is great for anyone for relief from any physical, emotional and anxiety issues and even some serious problems. The session brings a balance in energies, releases tension, brings peace, and many times, offers deeper answers from the Soul as you feel so clear and relaxed. 

Venue and Timings for In-Person Sessions :

The Centre in Edinburgh is Ming Chen Clinics at 24 Bernard Street, Edinburgh EH6 6PP. You are welcome to pay for your session/s from this page or you can also pay via cash when we meet. For In-person session, I normally do sessions Monday to Wednesday and on some Saturdays also. I would need prior booking, so I can be fully ready for your session. Please email at for appointments. Client remains in full clothing when on the therapy bed. 

Distance sessions

There is no difference in the way you receive the session, In-Person or through distance. The important thing is that you remain open. I have many clients living in Edinburgh, in the city I live, who simply love the sessions via distance and find it quite convenient to not have to travel. Working with my clientele from UK, US, India, Europe and Australia, I have come to see that distance sessions are no less powerful than my In-person sessions. 

For distance sessions, you are required to let me know your preferred day/s and time/s for the session from Monday to Friday, just like you would do for an In-person session. You can send that information and anything else you would like to tell me via email at

Once your distance session starts, you should be lying down for the period of the session. The energies can be strong and could make you dizzy, so please ensure that you are free and relaxed. You cannot be doing anything important like driving for sure at that time. Also, when you are relaxed, you are in the best receptive mode. You are required to drink plenty of water after the session through the day as you may feel dehydrated due to clearing. The energies of the session can take some days to fully integrate within you, so it is advised to stay gentle and relaxed with yourself. Feedback of the session is sent to you via email usually within 24 hours after the session is completed.

Please ensure you are not taking any other therapy for 2-3 days to help the healing settle in fully.

Price And Packages

You can choose:

  • 1-hour session for £100 for full body energy healing. 
  • 30 minutes session for £65 where I will be intuitively working on your major issues.
  • There is also an option to buy five 1-hour sessions at a special price of £350 or eight 1-hour sessions for £500. These would be spread across 5 weeks and 8 weeks usually.

The purpose of each session is to offer you all you need, so normally, more sessions are not needed. The package options are for anyone whose health is needing more attention at this moment in life or if you like some deeper experience with energy work. After your booking, I will email to check if you are wanting In-person or Distance sessions and fix the convenient time for your session/s. 

If you have any questions, you are welcome to please get in touch at /0044-7855614148. I look forward to being of service to you.


"I have been going to Robin for a number of years and now I live in Australia, I always make a special trip to Edinburgh when I come back to the UK as I find her sessions an invaluable boost to my inner work and continuing spiritual and emotional growth.

I originally started going for reiki but as she, and I, have moved through the energy process this has moved onto 'dare I say it' bigger and better things :)

I am a reiki Master myself but find, like counselors, we all need our own 'Master' and Robin is most definitely mine. I find her intuitive sense of what is needed complements exactly what I  need and her flexibility of working with the energy as it manifests itself perfect for moving me on the right path.

I have also had distance healing from Robin and find this a welcome 'boost' just when I need it.

I have introduced my own pupils to Robin, even before I left for Australia and so would obviously recommend her to any of you reading this.

We all have our own path and exploring different avenues and treatments is part of that. Robin is most definitely a part of mine and I hope once you work with her you will find she complements yours too.

Trudy Anderson, Sydney, Australia" 


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Best Wishes & Love,

Robin Bela

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